Why To Choose Bobby Anti-Theft Backpack

In the world we live in, it is necessary to go hand in hand with technology and know all the benefits that these technological advances can offer us. In this society where friends of others do not rest and wait for the best moment to take our belongings, it is very important to have allies to fight these criminals; your best ally will be an Anti-Theft Backpack.

Thinking about those situations, where we use public transport or transit through crowded places; it is very necessary to take the best decision when choosing the travel backpack.
Among the different options we find in the market on anti-theft backpacks, the best anti-theft backpack is the Bobby Original. Bobby was born thanks to a remarkable Kikstater campaign launched by the Dutch company XD Design, it was practically the first backpack with this concept and they have worked more and more to incorporate better things to make their customers more satisfied and compare it with other price models. Similar, Bobby stands out for its urban model, with gray tones and panels of different textures. This appeal is simple, but original and gives it an elegant tone and makes it suitable for both formal and informal environments.

Every day there are more than 400 thousand thefts in bags around the world, but a backpack Bobby Backpack becomes the nightmare of all pickpockets, so you should not worry that it can happen to you, as it is quite complicated Find its closure and it is made of high resistance materials to cuts.

It is made of polyester of the best quality, water repellent, a combination of several layers of different materials makes it safe and in turn protects your belongings from bumps and falls, is easy to wash and has a semi-rigid structure that does not allows it to deform. It weighs around 730 gr and its measurements are: 43x26x10 cm.

It is very wide, in its front part it does not have zips or pockets, because it is the part of the bag that is more exposed, instead it has reflective bands in that area, to provide more security at night if you ride a bicycle, or when you walk near the road. This backpack is very comfortable and practical because it has several hidden pockets on the sides and back, where you can store your cell phone, wallet, money, debit cards and / or credit. The backpack, on the inside, has several padded compartments ideal for carrying a laptop of 15.6 inches, for a tablet of up to 10 inches and other compartments for various objects. The distribution of these spaces is excellent, it is compact, but there are sufficient spaces and none of the compartments is considered unnecessary.

Another example of its comfort is the technology of weight balance, which is innovative but very efficient, keeps the weight equitable throughout the backpack, allowing you to use it for several hours without causing any kind of pain or discomfort, plus, the back is padded and breathable, has good ventilation, which avoids the unpleasant sweat and heat that you can have with other backpacks.

The backpack includes a USB charging port to recharge our electronic devices. The design of this port has the capacity to repel water, so splashing or rainwater will not put your electronic devices at risk.

The Bobby is designed to make your content (no matter how heavy it is) of a light load that can not harm you or cause discomfort in your back, shoulders or lower back; thanks to its dynamic mechanism.

There are many advantages that we have when choosing a Bobby Backpack backpack; summarizing the advantages we have: affordable price, hidden pockets, easy organization of your objects, balanced weight, external USB charging port and water repel. All these features make Bobby Backpack the best anti-theft backpack option on the market today. We can find in the catalog of XD Design, the Bobby Original (that we have described previously), the Bobby Compact, which is smaller and more manageable or Bobby Buzz, which is in the structure between a backpack and a professional briefcase.

What are you waiting for to acquire a Bobby Backpack?
What is the Bobby anti-theft backpack that suits your needs?

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